The admodus® product family by Synergetik GmbH currently includes two hydrographic measurement systems for determining the nautical bottom: the admodus®SONAR echo sounder and the admodus®USP pro submersible probe.

We first entered the field of hydrographic measurement technology in 2001 as a result of contacts with a north German harbour operator. The operator was seeking a measurement system to determine the sediments accumulating in the harbour basin over time, in order to evaluate the navigability of the basin. This interesting metrological challenge led to the development of the first prototype version of the admodus®USP pro (Ultrasound Sediment Profiler) probe.

The development of the admodus®SONAR echo sounder, initially in the „Clamp-On“ version, followed in 2004. Its purpose is to replace the sometimes outdated visual display units on the echo sounders already installed in many ships. To this end the admodus®SONAR simply couples onto the echo sounder’s transducer and acts as a passive “monitor”.

The “Active” version of the admodus®SONAR was eventually developed in 2007. This version of the admodus®SONAR is a fully-fledged dual-frequency echo sounder, which can be combined with any two transducers.

The end of 2009 saw the beginning of the development of the admodus®USP pro, the successor to the admodus®USP probe. The admodus®USP pro system features some important technical improvements over its predecessor, resulting in measurements with significantly increased precision and stability. The user interface has also been completely revised and now allows for a partially automated measuring process.

admodus®MARITIME devices represent robust and reliable measurement technology at the highest level of engineering excellence. If you are searching for solutions to issues and problems in the maritime field, then please contact us – we would be delighted to help.