FAQ (USP pro)

What is the scope of application of the USP pro?
The admodus®USP pro is mainly designed for characterization of fluid mud and sediments in habour basins and rivers. Other applications are possible.

Is a calibration necessary to the respective district?
No, the admodus®USP pro must be calibrated only on water of known salinity.

Which measurands are calculated?
During each measurement, density, frequency-dependent attenuation, depth and temperature are recorded.

Can I watch the recorded data?
The application software provides a convenient viewer and a PDF export.

Has the probe to be lowered with a well-defined and uniform rate?
No, the lowering speed is arbitrary.

Is there a way to participate in a demonstration of the probe?
Yes, by appointment. Please contact us.

How much does the admodus USP pro cost?
Please ask for a quote.