admodus®USP pro

The admodus®USP pro is an innovative in situ measuring probe for online monitoring of the nautical bottom in harbours and waterways. The system provides a depthdependent density profile quickly and reliably, as well as a variety of other indicators for characterising suspended matter and sediments.

The probe is a robust and easy-to-use device made of seawater-resistant stainless steel. With its high inherent weight it can be used even in extreme flow conditions.

The admodus®USP pro is linked via high-speed Ethernet to a PC which displays all measurement data clearly laid out and in real time, stores them, and exports them as a PDF report as required. The user software features an automatic recording mode which permits serial measurements without interaction.

As the probe descends it continuously records its depth and inclination, as well as the density, requency-dependent acoustic loss, speed of sound and temperature of the medium.

The measurement data ascertained can be stored together with the GPS data of an external receiver, so that the precise location of measuring points and a correlation with echo sounder bearings are both easily achieved.

The highly accurate point-by-point measurements achieved with the admodus®USP pro, combined with the area data capturing of a dual-frequency echo sounder, are one of the most accurate methods for hydrographic surveying currently available.

• Monitoring the navigability of harbours and waterways
• Supporting intelligent dredging management by technically efficient measurement
• Silt and sediment characterisation
• Analysis of fluid mud layers (e.g. in estuaries)
• Monitoring in sedimentation basins
• Investigation of sediment transport
• Online analysis in place of costly sampling